Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear Diary Oh Great Oprah tell me what to do...(Warning its Sappy and Introspective)

Oprah Winfrey the great
I started this blog to motivate me to be physically healthy but now I know I need to be mentally healthy too.  As most of you know I have had a series of unfortunate events happen.  I am trying to finally, FINALLY deal with them.  It has been hard this is not an easy journey and its one I hope you never have to experience.  I am glad I have an awesome family and some awesome friends who have been my support during all this.  Most of all I have had a great husband, I joke about him.  I tell people about his Fartello Dogs.  I tell people how he says he is going to fall through the crust of the earth at the rate he is going on gaining weight.  But he truly is great on being my loudest Dr. Phil cheerleader but he can't do this on his own during my dark times.  I think of Oprah during these times, yes I realize she is a billionaire whose greatest accomplishment is ugh EVERYTHING!  Oprah to me is someone who represents a woman who really went through a lot in her life and she succeeded.  I know its cheesy and people who know me, know that I am a hater but I cannot hate Oprah.
 I have loved her since she was Sophia on The Color Purple.  I loved her when her show was more trashy then classy.  She would have given Jerry Springer a run for his money back in the day.  She inspires people to believe in themselves and that is what I need to do.  Its hokey and cheesetastic but its true.  I was listening to NPR, yes to all my conservative friends aka the commie radio station, and they talked about Rachmaninoff (he was a brilliant composer and wrote a very difficult piece).  He had writers block, he felt depressed and couldn't produce any music compositions.  He met with a psychologist Nikolai Dahl who "hyponitzed" him into thinking he could write a great composition again.  Dahl told Rachmaninoff again and again in a calm state that "You will write that composition, You will be better" and he said that over and over and finally Rachmaninoff did.  He did this before there were life coaches, gurus and Oprah telling people that they can do it.  So during these dark times I think about Oprah and my family and I think WWOD, because What Would Oprah Do..,she would live strong, eeeeh see how I tied in the Jesus Bracelet and the Lance Armstrong one, man I am hilarious!  Seriously though I am trying to be the best I can be.  I know that I will be okay.  Mr. V always told me you are the one in the end who decides on your life.  You are right Mr. V I can decide to wallow in my misery or try to heal.  I choose healing.  With this process I know I may never be the same Delena but whomever I become I am sure she will be just as great.  I love you guys, this post is sappy and my biting wit will return next post.  I promise I will make you laugh Tina Fey style. (Maybe now Oprah will see this post and think hmmm maybe I need to give this girl her own show on my OWN network, just MAYBE)

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