Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear Diary I am reverting back to good habits

I will beat you!!!!!
A long time ago back in 2000-2002, I was very fit and healthy.  Facebook was not even a zygote, Myspace was barely starting and I didn't have cable.  My roomies and I actually socialized and were busy studying too.  Now I am so distracted.  I realized my addiction when I was at my mom's 60th birthday party and I was Facebooking about it rather then participating.  I also realized my priority for TV when I was planning my life around Glee!  Seriously a television show and its not a good show in the sense of ground breaking drama its campy and fun but I can catch it on Hulu.  Jonathan and I talked.   How addicted I am to Facebook, he is to television.  He has no self control when he flips on the TV, like me when I logged into Facebook.  I couldn't stop.
It was bad and what do you do but basically delve into people's personal lives.  I complained so and so says too much on Facebook but there I am reading so and so's dramatic post.  I do enjoy the hilarious post always said by some of my friends.  However the whole reason I joined Facebook was to catch up with family that live out of state.  Then something else happened my family was over to celebrate my mom's birthday and all they talked about was Facebook!  Oh did you read what so and so said on Facebook, or took pics and uploaded to Facebook.  Its not a bad thing, its good if you want to keep up with family but I took it further.  I kept logging in and in and in and in and then every second I would post stupid stuff, "Pollie vomitted on my bed spread and now we have to wash it."  Facebook was a great way to update people on my dad's status, in that way I was thankful for a social media network.  I think that was great but if I want to maintain social skills I need to lay off the Facebook.  If I want to go back to being physical and not just plop down and turn on the idiot box, I need to lay off the television.  So if you want to know about me, have dinner with me, go to a movie with me, go for a walk with me, come up and visit me, lets go to a happy hour, email me or call me.  I will do the same for you my friends.  I need to get out more and not live inside a box and be social, we are social creatures.  We are not meant to be hermits and live in our own little shells.  I don't want to be agoraphobic or have anxiety attacks in the future, how else will I be informed of the Zombie apocalypse when I don't socialize and all our networks go down.  That's my goal befriend people so when the Zombie war happens they will warn me by word of mouth rather then updating their Facebook status.  I will probably go back on but for now i am taking a break one month see how it goes.  Same with Television, no TV during the week only weekends, LUCKILY for me True Blood is on Sundays!!!!!!!!!!!!HA!  I can't miss out on this:

I love you Eric Northman!
Wish me luck folks this will be hard, seeing as I am like a junkie getting off of heroin.  I will keep up my blog about healthy living !  But you still gotta come and talk to me if you want to know how I am doing and what is going on in my life.


Dahnya said...

It's funny because as I read your entry I think back to the weekend with my family- was eerily similar. At one point each of us was on our smart phone on some sort of social network.

It's pretty bad.

I keep justifying my addiction to the internet by saying I don't have cable but then I realize I have netflix and, let's be honest, that's just as bad!

PS: I blame you because my latest "must watch every episode" show is Parks & Recreation.

Delena said...

Yes! Dahnya it was like that we were all sitting around looking at our phones at one point just gossiping about what so and so posted on Facebook. And also I have cable and I still was logging in all the time. Parks and Recreations Rule!!!! I heart Ron Swanson he makes me think of Jonathan, a man with impressive facial hair who loves meat.