Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Diary my husband should win an award!

For cooking the fattiest things on earth.  So we fell off the wagon but this week I went to the grocery story and got healthy things for us to cook and snack on.  I bought the essentials.  Well Jonathan and his brother, Anthony, decided to hang out today and that entailed cooking lunch.  Keep in mind I had healthy food in the fridge.  Here is how it all went down:

Anthony-"It's my birthday dude and I want for my dinner a hot dog wrapped in bacon battered and deep fried"

Jonathan-"Naw Man that is not good trust me I have had it (yes he has folks!) What's better is just a bacon wrapped hot dog in a bolillo (not a Caucasian) and you fry in oil in an iron skillet."

They go to Krogers to get the ingredients of course and history was made.  So the Fartello Dog was created and the recipe goes as follows:
2 slices of bacon wrapped around Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, the long ones
Fry them in oil to a nice crispy bacon finish
Place artery hardening hot dog in the bolillo and garnish with chili garlic sauce, mustard and Italian blend cheese and that my friend is a Fartello Dog.    Also what has to be mentioned is that Jonathan ate 4 of these puppies, yes after his brother pussed out and could only eat 2 instead of the 3 he requested.  Then Jonthan went into an artery clogging coma for 4 hours. Try it if you want to have heart disease for life.  Feast your eyes below for Jonathan's Masterpiece:

The Fartello Dog available at select locations


Dahnya said...

More than the recipe, I love your clarification of the word "bolillo".

Delena said...

Hilarious, Jonathan said it was important to clarify to my audience, well you don't want to think we are sticking hot dogs between white people.